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Owners, Jonathan and Ashley and their three kiddos were born and raised here in Minnesota.  About three years ago, they decided to take a leap of faith and change career paths.  Ashley had been working as a nurse and Jon was a business owner.   In 2017 they begin traveling while seeking the next new and upcoming adventure for themselves.  In June of 2019, they began the process of building what is to become the Northland's next tourist destination.  


Sweetly Kismet is Northern Minnesota's Largest Candy Store boasting 4,500 sq feet.  Being a family owned business we strive to cater to just that...FAMILIES!  We carry over 3,500 products so everyone in the family will find something for their most dialed in sweet tooth.  Even those who come to visit and do not have a sweet tooth can go away with something salty like jerky!  Most of our items are here due to high demand but we are always open to suggestions from our customers.